There are many possible clashes, and some will be more in a country’s favor than others. In this example, we see that there is a direct clash, thus the same resolution, to be sound, cannot include both.

The same statement given with the proper use of the information will make it much more persuasive and more sound at the same time. Numbers are the best form of information to use and the hardest to argue with. For this reason, the third criteria is called “Simple/passable”. No matter if you are writing your opening speech where you are giving off your first impression to the room with your ideas, concepts, policies and strategies, or your later speeches throughout the MUN conference the CIA method will help you with getting that message across. Psychological Secrets to Public Speaking, In a world where our human rights are consistently challenged and issues such as freedom of expression, women’s rights and…, claim evidence reasoning - Google Search More, Get a freebie glossy print version of this critical thinking poster when you sign up for ThinkCERCA’s free literacy resources! Is it ever appropriate for the government to restrict freedom of speech?

In Model UN, all of the committee sessions are focused on deciding what to do about a given situation.

When you've identified your three main points, think of a great finishing statement. Our goal in our speeches is to establish ourselves as knowledgeable, competent and worth working with. There are many ways to come up with a Call to Action.

Committee: United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Also, if we don’t want to work with someone, First Letter Of Your Country = Different Speech Strategy. You should give them a hot topic in which no country has a perfect record. ", ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. When it comes to a Call to Action, remember that there can be many solutions to the same problem! It is important that each following speech repeats the core ideas of your case and links back to your original clashes and policies.

Hungary cannot sponsor, or support, a policy of subsidised modified wheat and corn to those who live below the poverty line in Hungary because it has banned the cultivation and sale of GMOs. One should always prefer to be clearly heard and understood, than to miss words, facts and fail to deliver your point.

As you continue throughout the committee session, repeat your main ideas in your follow up speeches. Karthala, our most active volcano, erupted in April 2005 and May 2006. Topics.

Let’s say H2”NO” to the water crisis!!! This means that once the Macro Clash is set (and this can become clear by the middle of opening statements), the discussion moves from getting a majority on the Macro Clash to setting new clashes within what has become the new topic of discussion.

Statement #2: Governments should decide their own fate without fear of international pressure or retaliation. Along with strong clashes, there are also many statements and directions which are off clash.

You’ve made your own — or, more likely, your advisor told you to make one.

As seen here, Canada (1) set the clash, (2) showed what side they were on and (3) eluded to their Call to Action all in one sentence. It’s confusing to create and cumbersome to carry.

Assign different countries to each participant. Should the cruel treatment of animals be illegal? Off Clash statements (Like the Ebola virus is bad or tornados are dangerous) are a waste of precious speech time that could be further used to develop your Clash or Call to Action.

Norway proposes we focus on community-oriented aid in the form of water harvesting devices. However, this emotional connection does not mean other policies cannot exist alongside it, or also be relevant, even extremely relevant. The previous speaker was simply headlining it for you.

For that reason, you should make your policy fulfill these three criteria as much as possible, keeping in mind that you also need to stop before you risk losing your audience.

Remember, other delegates saying your Clash or Call to Action before you do, DOES NOT MAKE IT THEIRS.

A Call to Action is introduced or repeated, keeping itself on the table and, where possible, linking back to the delegate’s national interest. We might want to keep this line because we researched for many hours to find that particular fact, or for some strange reason, the line sounds too good to us to pass up.

(e.g. While hard facts are usually best, the “I” in CIA can also be: I – Facts (Statistics, names, dates, etc.). can help your speech and they’re right here! Find 500+ Essay writing topics for students, college students, kids and students from grade 6, 7, 8. However, good delivery can get attention, which is very important when everyone wants their speech to be listened to.

This is because abortions are illegal in El Salvador and allowing the idea of less restrictive abortion laws would show El Salvador, and other countries which are completely against abortion, in a negative light. Research is one of the keys to success in Model United Nations. As Turkmenistan, much of what you would say will already be said, even if in a less clear or focused way. The goal of a MUN simulation is to solve a problem and, most of the time, make the world a better place. Illustration by Catherine Song.

Not all topics have a clear clash to start with. A resolution is not limited to one Call to Action. .

The one certainty is that imperfect action will always be better than smart and silent.

but even if they stop listening at that very moment, they know where Canada stands in the room. Three things I'd change if I ruled the world. If you ignore what your country would want, you can be much more flexible regarding policy, hence many delegates falling into this trap. (If you are unsure how to represent your country, or fit the representation into your CIA speech, you can find all that and more in our article on How to Effectively Represent Your Country!).

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