Black Vine Weevil Sitting on a Leaf with Gnawed Margins. The last thing you want to see is grubs in your

My garden is mostly a back-yard pot garden and although I have treated the plants twice this year already with vine weevil killing juice, it costs a fortune from the garden centre (like £9 a tub and it takes 2 or 3 to do the whole yard). Whilst the adult beetle doe little more than disfigure the leaves that it feeds upon, the young, by the way of small grubs, eat into the root system of a wide range of plants. Add another photo. container plants. Plants need to be repotted every few years anyway as the potting soil breaks down and the roots outgrow their environment. Started by Penny Finn

Gertrude Jekyll. on General Gardening. The Vine Weevil Beetle is now a major pest for certain crops and plants in the UK and Europe. Vine weevil adults can often be found hiding under the base or lip of pots, so check regularly and squash any you find. The bleach will sterilize the container and on plant matter, including the roots and stems of your beloved plants. This will kill any eggs or weevils that are already in the flour.. Can you drown vine weevil grubs? You need to remove the tubers and empty the compost into the waste bin as there will other grubs or eggs in the compost; the little b...s don't come in ones. I thought I had managed to get rid of the vine weevil in my pots last year but I have just had a dig around and found yet more!

A table displaying which months are best to sow, plant and harvest. There is a vine weevil killer that you can water onto the pots but it only works when the weather is warm. the newspaper or plastic and dispose of it securely in a sealed container. in container plants: Put on a pair of gloves, then spread a sheet of plastic or 4 Nov, 2011; Featured on: pests begonias types of beetles. Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer can be applied to pots or direct to the soil anytime from March to November. You need to wash the roots in water to remove every trace of soil on them and then replant in new compost.

I treated my containers with vine weevil killer (bug clear vine weevil killer) last September but I checked at the weekend and there are active vine weevil grubs in a few of the containers!

Rinse the pot thoroughly to remove all

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