The Out West dance challenge was created by Nicole Bloomgarden (@nicolebloomgarden). User @zockjat posted the routine first, alongside the caption, "Me watching all these racists getting exposed.

The song has seen massive success since going viral on TikTok. Alone – sayk_ Tik tok song my last made me feel like I would never try again. Sofia the First theme song (“I was a girl in the village doing alright…”)The theme song to Disney Junior’s cartoon is used in videos where TikTokers share their weirdest celebrity crushes, and duellers have to sing along with the ones they agree with.

Originally posted on her Triller account, 'Captain Hook' soon took off on Tiktok after Megan used the hashtag #CaptainHookChallenge.

Her routine currently has almost 5 million likes on the platform. For some reason, the TikTokers have commandeered Kesha's 2010 track 'Cannibal' and have turned it into a TikTok dance challenge. TikTokers like Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, Avani, Lexi Rivera, Zoey Aune, Taylor Nunez and Tre Clements (to name a few) have all posted their own interpretation of the viral dance. Curtis Waters - 'Stunnin''This track is used for outfit montages and TikToks with the caption 'What I'd Wear If I Was In...'. It went viral but Jalaiah's name didn't go with it. There's several different versions of the 'Roxanne' dance on TikTok, with multiple members of the Hype House uploading different versions. Unknown T - 'Homerton B'The 'posh' remix of Unknown T's drill track and Estelle ft Kanye West's 'American Boy' is mostly used by people either pretending to be a posh, or by rich kids.

The final lyric in the clip ("Use your finger to stir my tea, and for dessert I'll suck your teeth") is also used on the app to get a reaction out of parents.

According to Know Your Meme, the first TikTok user to upload the routine was @gregdahl7 in March 2020. The 'Savage' dance was created by Keara Wilson. Similar to Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road', the success of 'The Box' proves the power of TikTok and its influence on the charts.

Thanks to the opening lyrics of the song ("Did a full 180"), Dua Lipa's 'Don't Start Now' has inspired a new meme on TikTok that people are using to avoid things. In the video, which was recorded inside his huge newly-built mansion, he even performs the dance, but there are multiple variations of it now circulating TikTok. Jalaiah finally got the recognition she deserved, later performing at the NBA All-Star game and on Ellen.

#captainhookchallenge Y’all want the music video , A post shared by Hot Girl Meg (@theestallion) on Mar 9, 2020 at 5:47pm PDT. There's actually two different dances to the song: Blanco's original and the other version created by Harvey Bass (@harveybass), which inspired the #gitupchallenge on social media. Viral TikTok about, 18 memes about the new coronavirus vaccine that'll leave, Gossip Girl reboot cast: Meet all the new Upper East, Cardi B apologises for "mocking" Hindu culture with Durga, 1 million Johnny Depp fans sign petition to remove Amber, Bella Poarch says she has multiple tattoos to cover up, Billie Eilish: 22 facts about the No Time to Die singer, Here's all the best WAP remixes from TikTok and YouTube.

Bea Miller - 'Feel Something' and Labrinth - 'Still Don't Know My Name'If you've ever ended up on Euphoria TikTok, you would have seen these incredible makeup transformation videos.

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